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What makes for a great Sales Team? How do you set your Sellers up for success in a crowded market place? Does your sales collateral need to be refreshed? These are all areas we can help with. Our unique approach to sales has proven itself not only with the sales revenues we have generated over the span of our career but more importantly knowing that the majority of former co-workers we have worked with would work with us again. To us, loyalty is the number one factor in creating a successful Sales organization.

Below are areas we can assist you with:

Hiring Process

  • Writing the Job Description
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Negotiating package with Human Resources

Internal Process

  • Establishing a well thought out and doable internal sales process
  • Creating necessary sales documents
  • Media Kit and Sales decks

Revenue Generation

  • Assist on high level Client meetings
  • Strategize with Team on RFP’s
  • Help manage workflow and campaign implementation